Would You Date A Spartan in a Suit?


Weird People. Going on Weird Dates.

Remember that one time you went out with that Elvis Impersonator who was more interested in how your parents were doing than how you were doing? 50 Worst Dates remembers.

Playing-Cards-128 (2)

Don't Skip Turns. Everyone Plays, Every Round.

We figure that you probably don’t play a game so that you can sit out once per round.  We’re familiar enough to play with anyone, but different enough that we aren’t total copycats.


Hours of Fun. With No Signs of Stopping.

Let’s face it, we’ve all had crappy dates. But if you haven’t at least this game will give you some great fake stories. Like how you’re dating that sleazy car salesman who constantly talks about his/her spirit animal.

So What Is 50 Worst Dates?

50 Worst Dates is a party game that plays like no other. Unlike other games on the Market no one sits out at any point during 50 Worst Dates. Everyone plays, everyone votes, every single turn. In 50 Worst Dates, players start with a hand of 8 cards, 4 dates and 4 traits and attempt to make the most awful date they can think of with the options they’ve been provided. It’s a great time for sure but don’t just take our word on it check out what some of our fans have been saying.

“Way better than a night at the theater” -Abraham Lincoln

“Fun for the whole horde” – Genghis Khan

“Easily worth losing your head over” -Marie Antoinette

“The only thing I know is that I know nothing, and that this game rules.” -Socrates

“Probably the best game I’ve ever played” -Your Mom

How can so many fans be wrong? The answer is they can’t. 50 Worst Dates is a blast to play at the bar, in your home, with your friends, or with the people you pretend are your friends but your all just really awkward acquaintances.

And we need your help! Support us on Kickstarter January 15th and help us give you the game you deserve.

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